Message from Teneile Warren, co-founder

On behalf of my fellow insideWaterloo co-founders, Fitsum Areguy and Phi Doan, I would like to thank you for supporting independent local media in Waterloo Region. We are proud of our home and dedicated to providing a platform to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and racialized residents.

Community Powered Journalism

This current website is a pop-up that we put together in order to start providing in-depth local reporting, and to amplify racialized voices in Waterloo Region. Our vision is to build it out into a fully sustainable media company that will be here for the long run. 

In order to achieve this vision, we need support from readers like you. Our website is free of advertising and we don’t hide content behind paywalls. With a small monthly contribution (or one-time donation), we can work together to ensure Waterloo Region has free access to our reporting.

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