Editorial: We had a pizza party

Slice of pizza, couple of cold ones and talking shop

How’s that for a headline? The co-founders of insideWaterloo had gotten together in October for what was supposed to be a relaxing evening of pizza and drinks. First of all, it was a large pizza with Italian sausage, mushrooms and bell peppers. Second, it marked the first time all three of us were together in person. Most of our interactions up to this point have been virtual, over the phone, or individually in pairs, but never all together until now. 

Unfortunately, our little get-together turned into yet another work meeting. We reflected on how tired and burnt out we feel from balancing so many responsibilities: between personal projects, work, school, and family life, running a new media outlet with just the three of us has been a lot to handle (Note: we will be looking to expand our team in the coming months — stay tuned). 

There is something to be said about the current environment we find ourselves in. The divisions of the workplace and personal space have been eroded in favour of corporations. That’s been the general trend for years as Big Business pursues this cult of productivity at the expense of workers. It just accelerated over the course of the pandemic.

Thankfully, at insideWaterloo we can be honest with each other in this regard, though we still found ourselves working regardless. Part of it is our own expectations. Some of it is living up to others’ expectations. There are those of you who sincerely believed we would be toppling down institutions by now. We won’t discount those ideas. Perhaps we will storm the Bastille someday. You’ll be sure to receive an invite to the revolution when the time comes.

However, the last thing we want to do is replicate those same institutional practices that chew people up and turn others into cogs. This is especially true of racialized and other marginalized groups who are sent in to fix those issues. While dismantling white supremacy is important, equally important is creating space to simply be ourselves. Not having to define our stories in relation to white people; not having to live up to their expectations; to live our authentic selves without having to be inspiring.

November will be our last newsletter for the year. We’re taking some time to relax and recuperate as we prepare for 2022. You may still see some articles being published during that time, but our focus for the last quarter is reaching out and establishing new relationships in the region.

One of the other major takeaways from our work meeting/pizza beer social was that we’re not doing this alone. Or rather we’re not the only ones doing this work. The work of creating space and speaking out. There are tons of groups and individuals out in the region doing this. Writers from all walks of life with a story worth telling.

Individually, we take up the little nooks and corners of the society, but together we can have a room of our own.

~The insideWaterloo Team

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